darkenedanddazzled said:Don’t do that. You’re paying good money for college, so you should get everything out of it. You’re just cheating yourself out of the fullness of an education. :/ And, it’s a good opportunity to practice diligence to make it a habit. :D

I love you and this, hahah.  I’m just so tired and have St. Basil’s liturgy commemorating the last supper in the morning before class.  But you just guilt-tripped me into changing it all back. Hahah. Shucks.

Have you ever increased the font one point on periods to make your paper longer?


Trisagion Hymn (English) performed by Fr Apostolos Hill
Holy God
Holy Mighty
Holy Immortal
Have Mercy On Us

I asked one of my regulars at the coffee shop who is an outspoken Christian how his Holy Week has been and he responded, “Oh, I’m not Catholic, although some of my roommates are. As a Protestant, I believe Holiness isn’t something that I’m called to for one week, but all the time. Although I do fail at times.”

Le sigh :(

"Every person on earth is sick with the fever of sin…it is necessary to treat everyone who suffers from the malady of sin with kindness and love…We often, very often, act in opposition to this truth. We add malice to malice…We oppose pride by pride. Thus, evil…is not cured, but rather spreads…there is enough malice and anger in the world without yours."
— St. John of Kronstadt
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I know that since it is Holy Week the evil one is trying to thwart many of us as we are striving to enter into a deeper time with The LORD. Be diligent as you are tested and tempted this week brothers and sisters and do not give a foot-hold to the Devil. Make sure to pray continually and make the sign of the cross in faith because it is a great defense against evil when done in faith. Peace and grace.


Everything that lives and breathes is sacred and beautiful in the eyes of God. The whole world is a sacrament. The entire created cosmos is a burning bush of God’s uncreated energies. And humankind stands as a priest before the altar of creation, as microcosm and mediator. Such is the true nature of things; or, as an Orthodox hymn describes it, “the truth of things,” if only we have the eyes of faith to see it.  -   Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I

I just used neutered and pedagogical in the same sentence.  Cheers to 2am last minute paper cramming.