I’m looking for undergrad programs in Florida.  If anyone knows any good schools let me know.  Looking at focusing on Early Christianity and New Testament Studies and Ethics.

Also, does anyone have any experience or have heard anything about Regent University?  It was recommended to me from a credible source and I’m considering going online when I get back from the race.  The flexibility of it all would make life easier but I am still apprehensive with online schooling.


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  1. hipsterlibertarian said: Regent is very new and not so reputable. I’d recommend going elsewhere. I’ve always heard/thought of it as a vehicle of the institutional Religious Right.
  2. gardensandyou said: have heard great things about regent. my theology prof at lee (and my favorite teacher) did undergrad through regent.
  3. myriotousdefects said: I don’t know much about the options regarding the specific programs that you’re looking for, but I attend University of South Florida and it’s a great school!
  4. scottxstephens said: I wouldn’t recommend Regent. You can message me for details.
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